Gold Infused Skincare — Your Skin’s New Favorite Indulgence

Gold Infused Skincare — Your Skin’s New Favorite Indulgence

When you need a pick-me-up, you may reach for a fuzzy blanket or a favorite bottle of wine. But what if you could have a luxurious treat in your skincare lineup? Gold infused skincare gives your skin the care it needs with a touch of indulgence.

At Purodoré, all of our products are infused with fermented gold. Keep reading to learn how gold works with your skin and why you can expect to see this ingredient everywhere in the coming months and years. 

Why is gold used in skincare products? 

Gold offers many benefits as a luxury skincare ingredient, which humans have known and taken advantage of for centuries. Historians believe that Cleopatra herself slept in a gold eye mask each night, and other cultures used gold for medicinal and anti-aging purposes. In short, there’s a historical precedent for using gold-infused skincare products.

Why does gold deliver results for your skin? Gold has a few properties that make it effective for skincare. First, it has natural anti-aging properties and helps keep skin plump and youthful. As an antioxidant, gold helps prevent against free radicals, which directly lead to wrinkles and skin damage.

Gold also has anti-inflammatory properties, which are beneficial to sensitive or acne prone skin. Introducing gold to your skincare regimen can help lower inflammation and reduce the appearance of acne.

Lastly, gold is all natural. We're seeing a revolution in skincare. More people than ever are hoping to pare down their chemical interactions by focusing on natural ingredients. Gold is a great option because it’s both natural and effective. 

Unlike many other powerful skincare ingredients, there’s little risk involved in trying gold-infused products. While you should still check ingredient lists to make sure other ingredients won’t irritate your skin, you’re unlikely to see any negative effects from gold itself—even if you have ultra-sensitive skin.

Fermented gold for more powerful results 

At Purodoré, the gold that we infuse into every single one of our products has been fermented for maximum efficacy. Opting for the fermented version of this powerful ingredient helps us to increase the likelihood that you’ll experience the results you’re hoping for. The reason is that the fermentation breaks down the molecular composition of cosmetic raw materials into a better absorbing form.  

The bottom line

If you’re sold on the benefits around gold-infused skincare, check out our full product line at Purodoré. We’ll save you the trouble of scouring through ingredient lists. Everything we offer is natural and infused with gold, giving you access to all the benefits you see above.

If you have any questions about using gold in skincare, don’t hesitate to reach out. We’d love to help you learn more about this luxury ingredient!