Cosmetologist was impressed by the effectiveness of Purodoré products

Cosmetologist was impressed by the effectiveness of Purodoré products

Champagne, truffle, gold, rose and silk.

Purodoré's natural skincare products contain raw materials that exude luxury. They don't just sound high quality.

- These are really effective, because they contain huge amounts of active ingredients. Each ingredient has been carefully selected and they have their own function, says Tanja Reijomaa, SKY eco-cosmetologist from Hämeenlinna.

Reijomaa uses only natural cosmetics products in her own company, a beauty salon named Bloomington. In addition to her work as a beautician, she does a wide variety of treatments that pamper all the senses, relax and treat the whole body.

- Natural cosmetics suit my values ​​best. I want to treat people holistically and offer them experiences through my treatments. High-quality products are a key part of this.

A luxurious combination of effective natural ingredients

Purodoré's products do not only have one or two main raw materials, but their power comes from the combination of all the raw materials used in production. All raw materials have their meaning and function in the product.

Purodoré products do not use synthetic chemicals or fillers. Each product has its own active ingredients, and each raw material has its own meaning in the product.

For example, the extract from champagne is a natural active ingredient. Champagne containing antioxidants gently cleanses the skin without irritating it, and at the same time moisturizes the skin.

Gold, on the other hand, acts as an antioxidant, reduces skin redness and protects the skin from damage-causing free radicals. Gold helps keep the collagen level stable and makes the skin firmer.

Organic raw materials and wild-grown plants are preferred in the products. Most of the raw materials are produced on farms supported by Fair Trade, and for example the gold used in the products comes from Finnish Lapland. Product development and the entire production process from start to finish is done in Finland.

Purodoré products are manufactured in Tervakoski, which is located about 30 kilometers from Hämeenlinna.

- I want to support local production. Purodoré's world of values ​​fits with my own. Domesticity, responsibility and, in general, transparency in the production chain of the products are important to me, Reijomaa says.

You can read Tanja Reijomaa's interview on Iltalehti website.