About Purodoré

Purodoré is a Finnish cosmetic brand focused on high quality natural skincare products. We want to offer a drop of Nordic luxury to people all over the world, one product at a time.

Part of our magic is contained within our name. "Purodoré" consists of the words "puro” and “doré.” Puro means “stream,” like the clear-watered rivers that you can find in Lapland in Northern Finland. Doré means gold or golden. 

All of our products contain gold as an ingredient. The world’s purest gold can actually be found in Finland’s Lemmenjoki and Ivalojoki rivers. The Finnish Fair Trade gold is indeed the ingredient we've added to all our products. Finland is abundant with natural treasures to incorporate into your skincare routine, and we’re delighted to bring those products to you.

We believe that high quality is always on trend. That's why high quality and transparency are the guiding factors in all we do. Buying a quality product is also more responsible consumption. Finnish quality, transparency, and responsibility are our key values which we are very proud of. 

Purodoré is a family-owned, independent business that is committed to natural, healthy, and clean skincare products. All our products are developed and produced in Finland according to the highest standards. We hope you'll find your drop of Nordic luxury from our collection.