interested in using purodoré in your local salon?

Our products are suitable for your local spa when you are looking for a Finnish-made, responsible, transparent and certified premium natural cosmetic collection. The products are vegan (with the exception of the toner containing silk) and naturally free from animal testing and harmful chemicals. 

All Purodoré products are suitable for use in professional beauty salons. In addition to consumer products, the selection includes products designed exclusively for professional use, with which you can offer your customers wonderfully luxurious facial care experiences. 

As a Purodoré representative
You'll get versatile benefits

In addition to product training, we also offer other training free of charge (e.g. sales support, service design).

We give you a flexible treatment menu, which you can follow as is or adjusted.

We offer you ready-made marketing materials for Purodoré products (e.g. bags, social media materials, pictures, product samples, etc.).

Working with Purodoré

Get to know the local Purodoré beauty salons, and learn why they've chosen to work with our products.

Don't take our word for it

Purodoré products have conquered the hearts of my clients not only with their charming, natural scents but also with how the products feel when applied to the skin. The products are also very plentiful!

Tanja Reijomaa, sky-/ekokosmetologi

Hämeenlinna, Finland

With my 22 years of experience of working as cosmetolgist I truly recommend Purodoré products.


Helsinki, Finland

Love so much the active ingredients used in the eyecream! I love the texture that is creamy but light and easily absorbed.

Annamaria, Clean Beauty Awards 2022 judge

Bari, Italy


Lovely product. Being hypersensitive to synthetic chemicals and fragrances, I'm happy that I finally found a product line that gives my face a new lease of life.

Client feedback for Gold Renewing Serum


This smoothing silk toner by Purodoré is luxury in a bottle! It was very hydrating and tightening, and helped with smoothing my skin. If you're looking for top class toner that is part of the clean beauty industry this is definitely a great go to.

Alesha, Clean Beauty Awards 2022 judge


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