Luxury Natural Skincare

Luxury Natural Skincare

What is natural skincare?

Natural skincare has become increasingly popular in recent years, and today, there are millions of consumers who care deeply about the ingredients they apply to their skin. Why? You may think of skin as just an outer barrier for our bodies, but skincare products can seep through your skin and affect internal health. Over time, these little moments of absorption add up and can hinder both your health goals and your skincare goals.

Switching to natural skincare often means avoiding a list of common ingredients that may do more harm than good for your body. You’ll want to pass on products with fragrances, dyes, parabens, phthalates, formaldehyde, mineral oils, and aluminum if you’re switching to natural products. Keep in mind that this isn’t a fully comprehensive list, so you’ll still want to do your own research about any ingredients you don’t recognize.

What does the natural skincare market look like?

Natural ingredients used to be hard to come by, but today’s savvy consumers expect natural options, especially for skincare products. For this reason, natural ingredients are becoming more “mainstream” in the skincare world.

Despite this growing trend, you may still have a perception that natural skincare products are going to be basic, ineffective, or simply less enjoyable to use than “regular” skincare products. At Purodoré, we feel strongly that there’s no need to choose. You should be able to purchase natural products that you feel good about and still enjoy the luxury of products that feel special and extravagant to use. 

Why are skincare ingredients important?

Just as you may take care to only put high-quality food into your body, it’s important to do the same with skincare products. In both cases, ingredient lists are where you’ll find the information you need to make an informed decision. 

The challenge is that some skincare manufacturers are transparent with their ingredient lists, while most of them are not. How can you be expected to make an informed decision without knowing what’s going into your products?

At Purodoré, this is one of our defining characteristics. We want to be as bold and transparent as possible with our products and their ingredient lists. Nothing about our products should ever be a mystery. We’re proud of what we offer—why would we hide that away? 

What makes Purodoré different?

Part of our magic is contained within our name. "Purodoré" consists of the words "puro” and “doré.” Puro means “stream,” like the clear-watered rivers that you can find in Lapland in Northern Finland. Doré means gold, and that’s what Purodoré is all about—products that make you look and feel like pure gold.

All of our products contain gold as an ingredient, and the world’s purest gold can actually be found in Finland’s Lemmenjoki and Ivalojoki rivers. Finland is abundant with natural treasures to incorporate into your skincare routine, and we’re delighted to bring those products to you.