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Bloomington is ecological beauty salon and well-being service center located in Hämeenlinna (FI), specializing in holistic care. SKY cosmetologist Tanja Reijomaa's company was born in 2018 out of love for natural beauty and holistic well-being.

- For me, well-being and beauty is the balance of body and mind: holistic flourishing. A healthy body and a stress-free mind reflect an inner glow on the skin. In the spa's comprehensive offer, I want to offer my customers services that pamper and care for the skin, senses and the whole body and mind, Tanja says.

Bloomington offers its customers everyday luxury, pampering, well-being and gentle treatment experiences - with professionalism and individuality, warmth and caring.

It was important for Tanja to choose products for the treatment room that fit her values.

- Ecological values ​​and naturalness are important for me. When I founded my salon, it was obvious to me that the products used in the salon are natural cosmetics. I am also an aromatherapist from one of my educations, and clean, natural scents are really important to me. Today there are many people who are sensitized to scents. I am too, if there are too many scents or they are too strong. The genuine scents and delicate nuances of Purodoré products, on the other hand, tickle my senses, she says.

- My clients have also fallen in love with both the world of fragrances and the way the Purodoré products feel on the skin. In addition, we appreciate that the products contain significant amounts of active ingredients instead of useless fillers, and that the organic content of the products is really high. To my delight, I have found a cosmetics line for my treatment that corresponds very well to my own way of thinking and what I want to offer my customers - a drop of luxury and pampering for everyday life as well as for parties, summarizes Tanja.

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