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Spa Unique is a beauty salon located in Kuopio, Finland. Entrepreneur Anni Korhonen searched for a long time for a good natural cosmetics collection for her salon. She was specifically looking for natural cosmetics products with pleasant and authentic perfume.

- With Purodoré, everything really matched - the scent, the values ​​and domesticity. It’s really important how the products feel on the skin and how they smell like. With Purodoré, the scent is authentic and you can use the products to offer treatments for all types of skin.

Also the clients love the products. Along with the perfume, many have praised the luxurious feeling on the skin. It has also come as a positive surprise to many that these are completely natural cosmetic products. Based on Anni’s experience, the demand for natural cosmetics has increased. Nowadays people are more aware of the products they use.

- Many people want to reduce the chemical load on their skin, and therefore get excited about natural cosmetics. And no wonder - in the case of Purodoré, the experience of using natural cosmetics is as good, if not better, than that of more traditional selective cosmetics. The products are also really safe and gentle thanks to the high-quality raw materials. Products are not supplemented with fillers, they include only the essentials for healthy skin, Anni says.

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