Fermented Skincare — What It Is and Why It’s the Future of Skincare

Fermented Skincare — What It Is and Why It’s the Future of Skincare

Wondering about the future of skincare is only natural. It often feels like we latch onto a new power ingredient or must-have serum every few months, and the space is evolving rapidly as our understanding of skincare ingredients and solutions evolves.

While it’s impossible to completely predict what we’ll be seeing with skincare products in the future, fermented ingredients are definitely due for their time in the spotlight. Here’s everything you need to know about what fermented skincare is and how to put it to use.

What is fermented skincare?

Fermented skincare includes ingredients (often natural, plant-based ingredients) that have gone through a fermentation process. This fermentation is the same process that gives us products like yogurt and kombucha, which are both touted for their health benefits. The same is true of fermented ingredients in skincare products, which typically receive a boost in efficacy from the fermentation process.

The concept of fermented skincare originated in the Korean beauty world, where many of the world’s skincare innovations begin. Fermented ingredients have been used on the skin in South Korea for centuries, leading to healthy, youthful skin. Today, the concept is permeating other cultures across the world.

How does fermentation work?

The fermentation process starts by introducing yeast, bacteria, or enzymes into the ingredient that you plan to ferment. The addition of these ingredients creates a reaction, which then breaks down the original compound into simpler components. These smaller molecules can then be separated out and incorporated into skincare formulas.

What are the benefits of fermentation? 

There are several benefits of fermentation in the skincare world. First, the fermentation process tends to kill off any undesirable bacteria, which can reduce or negate the need for any preservatives.

Second, fermentation can “activate” various ingredients that are found within the plant or substance that’s being fermented. Some of these ingredients can’t be used or won’t reach their full potential until fermentation has occurred.

Lastly, fermentation tends to help with product absorption, because the molecules it creates are smaller than the molecules from pre-fermentation. In short, this means that you’ll experience better results from fermented ingredients than you will from the exact same ingredients before fermentation.

What products contain fermented ingredients?

There are tons of products on the market today that contain fermented ingredients, and that’s only expected to increase in the coming years. Initial research into fermented skincare has proven to be promising for the concept, and the world is starting to take notice.

At Purodoré, the gold that we infuse into our products has been fermented for maximum efficacy. Gold is known to deliver a variety of benefits for the skin, including anti-aging and anti-inflammatory effects. Opting for the fermented version of this powerful ingredient helps us to increase the likelihood that you’ll experience the results you’re hoping for.

Keep an eye on fermented skincare in the coming months and years, and don’t be surprised if it quickly becomes a mainstay in the industry. Luckily, our products at Purodoré are ahead of the game!