Janina Fry tested Purodoré products and was impressed by the effectiveness

Janina Fry tested Purodoré products and was impressed by the effectiveness
Entrepreneur Janina Fry tested the Purodoré Gold collection. These products contain luxurious ingredients, such as Finnish gold, champagne, silk and truffle. Janina is also a cosmetologist and knows what the skin needs to feel well.

"High-quality home care products are important, because they support and maintain the results achieved in the beauty salon. Purodoré's products contain exceptionally high concentrations of effective ingredients, and you can really feel it."

With these instructions and Purodoré products, you can create a spa feeling in your own bathroom.

1. Clean the skin and remove make-up
The gentle and soothing Golden Milk Cleanser removes make-up without irritating the eyes. In addition to firming gold, the cleansing milk contains luxurious rosehip oil, moisturizing Cupuaçu butter, antiseptic Lady’s Mantle, soothing chamomile and rose water, and rose oil.

2. Prepare the skin with facial toner
"The number one thing in skin care is hydration. Face toner not only completes facial cleansing and prepares the skin for other care products, but also moisturizes the skin," advises Janina.

The multi-awarded Smoothing Silk Toner contains purifying champagne extract, moisturizing silk collagen and brightening black truffle extract. Spray the toner evenly on the face, neck and décolleté and then pat lightly. You can also add toner to the skin in the evenings after applying the serum and face cream. After that, massage the face lightly to enhance the absorption of the products.

3. Nourish and caress the skin with serum

The Gold Renewing Serum face serum is a luxury power product that contains active ingredients such as nucleic acids that stimulate cell renewal, evening primrose oil rich in vitamins C and E, and the patented Collageneer® preparation that accelerates the skin's own collagen production.

"The light but rich composition of the serum feels really nourishing. Especially in the summer, I might use only serum and sunscreen during the day and leave out the moisturizer completely," says Janina.

4. Moisturize the skin around the eyes

Gold Firming Eye Cream has won numerous international awards, and for good reason. The light cream contains high concentrations of active ingredients, including real gold, rosehip seed oil, shea butter, argan oil and hyaluronic acid-containing twinflower. The practical and hygienic airless packaging ensures that you can dispense the product in a sufficient amount with a small press.

"Use a pinhead amount of the product to avoid morning puffiness. Pat the cream to the skin around the eyes with a ring finger, so that you don't accidentally stretch the thin skin too much," advises Janina.

"This eye cream has become my favorite. It has a big impact on the overall look."

5. Finish with a nourishing face cream

In addition to firming gold, the Revitalizing Day & Night Gold Cream contains Vigna Aconitifolia seed extract, which is a natural alternative to vitamin A-derived retinol. It energizes the skin and enhances cell renewal and collagen production. The face cream also contains a very effective amino acid compound that can stimulate collagen production. The cream is suitable for use in the morning and in the evening.

"The cream leaves a nice, well-groomed feeling on the skin and also works well under makeup. If the skin feels drier than usual, you can mix a drop of serum with the face cream," advises Janina.

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