Finnish blogger Sanni tested Purodoré's products

Finnish blogger Sanni tested Purodoré's products

Sanni writes one of Finland's most popular and long-lasting beauty blogs called Karkkipäivä.

Sanni got acquainted with the story of Purodoré, and tested all our products.

“In a word, it was easy for me to get excited about the series. When I was contacted by Purodoré, of course, I first took a look at the ingredient lists of the products - which were firmly convincing. Then, when I got the products to try and felt the compositions on my skin, I immediately had a positive idea of ​​who the talented cosmetic formulator in the industry could be behind the product formulas. It turned out that my hunch was right, and at this point at the latest, I knew that Purodoré was not a series based on just a marketing hype.

The products are completely devoid of cosmetic fillers like ester oils (and still feel silky luxurious on the skin - a masterpiece of a skilled formulator) - AND, the concentrations of active ingredients are ten or even a hundred times higher than in conventional cosmetics. Purodoré is indeed a high-quality skincare collection.”

You can read the original blog post in Finnish here.

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